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The Network, TTX

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The Network, TTX

Post by Raymond on Mon Feb 18, 2013 11:36 pm

Hello, Ray here.
I'd like to tell you the history of our beloved network, TTX.
TTX started in March, 10, 2006 in the small town of Little Rock Arkansas, with Me (Raymond), Connor, and James.
We set up a website <- No longer veiwable. We set up a chat, and a forum. The first few months we had only 10 people tops. Then in 2007, the user population grew about 1000 users. Some people joined in that time, JayJay370, a loved and compassionate moderator, Ablue Tux, our amazing Co Owner, iMag and Latin, the smartest of the pack and us.
In the summer of 2008, our passwords were leaked by the r4pt0rs. MegaTEX, the leader decided that TTX was time to go.
Then in September, another attack happened. My computer was full of Trojans and was infested with Rat's and all of the file for TTX were deleted. We all thought it was the end. The forum crashed, Our website was gone, the only thing was was left was our chat. Where people were raging and frightened. We closed down the chat, thinking it was the end. But then I noticed I had a backup drive of all of the TTX files and some new files. TTX was back up and running. Unfortunately, only half the amount of users came back.
In 2010, There we over 10,000 users on the network. We were really impressed.
But then, the worst attack happened, from the H4x0rs. They ruined of database, the chat and website was ruined.
Everything was gone.
We left the site in the hands of ads, hoping we could get enough money to get the resources to make TTX once again.
But then, we lost motivation, and we left the site as it was. Also, we knew we could never do it again, we could never make a network so popular ever again, it was over. Everything was gone.

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Re: The Network, TTX

Post by Marcelis on Fri Jun 10, 2016 9:34 pm

Wow, so sad to see such a beautiful group of people go.
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