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The LQ: What we know & How we can help

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The LQ: What we know & How we can help

Post by Shnaw on Fri Dec 22, 2017 2:43 am

Alright users, the staff has thrown out one of the most crazy tests I've ever seen, but fear not because I'll break it down for you. I went through the test myself, and I can guarantee you one strategy to at least put you in a better position than nowhere.
First, i just tried Christmas tree-ing the test. I got no where: 9,7,11,10...

Second, and way better, I decided to pick one answer all the way through. The best ones to pick were 4 and D. By picking these two letters alone, you can set yourself up to at least achieve a score of 15. The two you should avoid at all costs are 3 and C. Now, I'm not telling you that they're not answers that are C and 3, because I bet they are, but it would be smart to choose those two sparingly, as for the most part they're not the correct answer.

As for now, that's the only tip I have, If i figure out anything else, I'll let you know.
Happy testing.
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Re: The LQ: What we know & How we can help

Post by Simuel on Fri Dec 22, 2017 8:16 pm

Sorry, but they've edited this test so many times that this has changed. However, your theory still stands. Picking D and 4 through the entire thing gives you a score of 28. It's up to you to get the rest.
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