General Rules

I. Language

Please use language that people will understand. TXT, SMS, or l33t will be not accepted in this community. As you know, people from around the world will probably be on this very forum, so they might not understand what you are stating if you use any of the 3 "languages." above. If a person doesn't know English very well, try to understand or comprehend what they are saying before commenting on their speech.

II. Capitalization & Text Size Limits

Excessive caps is not allowed at this community. Excessive capitalization is mostly used to "yell" or "scream" at someone. Please report any type of excessive capitalization you see. Font size is a common issue on many forums. Please use the standard forum font size on all messages. The only exception to using bigger sizes would be for topic creation, and announcements. Never use over 24 pt font. The font size will be too large and will take up so much space. Small font sizes may be a problem to people with eyesight problems, so be aware of that. But, if you consider using small fonts, do not use under 10pt font. It will look like pixels and will need zooming to read.

III. Respect

Please respect others here at the community. It shouldn't matter of an amount of access or intelligence, you respect them regardless. People can possibly get their feeling hurt by disrespectful people, if that happens to you, report the post immediately. Administrators and moderators deserve ultimate respect. Remember, that the moderator/administrator always has the last word, no matter what the case may be. Disrespecting moderators and administrators (to a certain extent) may result in a permanent ban.

IV. Spam

Spam is probably one of the most strict rules on this page. Spam can be one of two things, a pointless message where it contains nothing but garbage. Or, it can be personal links to pages that could anything on there. Neither the two are allowed, unless asked by a moderator or administrator. Spamming results in a warning, then if done again, results in ban. Please, don't do it.

V. Illegal or Sexual References

On this forum, we take what you say very seriously. Please do not post anything illegal or sexual on this forum. We like to have a clean and positive community. If you disobey this rule, you will receive maximum punishment from the administration.

I Agree to these terms