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Supernova 4.0.0 Update - "Divine"

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Supernova 4.0.0 Update - "Divine"

Post by OnyxTech on Mon Jun 13, 2016 1:40 pm

Supernova 4.0.0
The Divine

Supernova has done it again, but this time, we've added some elegance updates. This update has minor updates to create a huge experience difference for the user, rather than a bunch of major updates for various objectives. This is the next step of making Supernova the greatest experience we can for you.

For struggling eyes,
Adjust the size.

Supernova introduces it's new font size adjuster. For those of you who believe the font is too big or small, you can simply adjust it to your liking. This feature is available to all members and guests of the forum.


Screen Display,
In your hands.

If you're exploring Supernova in the late hours of the night, we've developed the feature for you. We give you the brightness control. At the bottom of the page, you can simply scroll to the left and it dims the screen increasingly. This feature is available to all members and guests of the forum.


The menu
that never leaves your sight.

When scrolling down on the forum, usually you have to scroll back up to get to the navigation menu. With this update, the floating menu, you can simply scroll anywhere and the menu will follow. This feature is available to all members and guests of the forum.


See your friends.
More visaibly.

The NovaFriender gives you a complete list of your friends on the right side on the forum. You no longer have to hassle to locate your friend list. It's right in front of you. This feature is available to all members and guest of the forum.


Your Saying.
For everyone to see.

Now introducing Supernova's new profile addition, the NovaQuotes. Now, on your profile, you can input your very own quote and have it display on your messages as well as your profile. This feature is available to all members and guests of the forum.


Your Avatar.
As an emoticon.

One of Supernova's newest and finest features. You can now use your own or other people's avatars as emoticons. Locate the user's ID and input it into the text box, and it will display the user's avatar as the ID. If the user does not have an avatar, it will essentially display the default image. This feature is available to all members of the forum.


Supernova now allows you to use hashtags in the topics, as well as the chatbox. Click the hashtag button, type in whatever you please in the blank after the hashtag, and it will put the hashtag in the forum for you. This feature is available to all members of the forum.


Stickys & Announcements

Supernova returns with color notified messages. This time, we've decided to highlight the announcements as well as the sticky notes. For a nice, bright color scheme, we've made the stickies a pale red, announcements and deeper red, and the global announcement and pale golden color. Voted and debated on, we chose the best and most applicable colors for the users.


Your Favorites.
Your Choice.

Supernova introduces the option to select your favorite categories and they will be placed at the top of the forum. We've also scripted in some cookies so whenever you return the favorites will be saved for your convenience. This feature is available to all members of the forum.


Eliminate scrolling.

No more scrolling, for Supernova has now categorized the forums into clickable tabs for your enjoyment. The selection you make also has cookies attached to it, so whenever you return to the homepage, it will display the same selection you made the first time. You can also add forums to your favorites and it will create a "Favorites" tab. This feature is available to all members of the forum.

The Extras page is finally released. Here to bring you all of what we've been tellinng you all about, the extras page is now open for all users of Supernova.

The NovaQuiz is a quiz in which where you will be put to the test of your knowledge of the networking community. Only the smartest of the smart can achieve a true high score. The quiz will be scored on a scale of 1 - 1520. Upon finishing your exam, the forum administator will privately message you your score, and your score will be placed on your profile, along with an option for be shown publicly. The quiz consists on 12 open ended and multiple choice questions. This is not a timed test, so by all means take as much time as necessary while taking this test. Have fun, and quiz on!


Please note it will take a MINIMUM of 24 hours for a response from the administration. Please be patient. Fill out your username along with a short essay as to why you should be accepted into the Supernova+ usergroup. All applications are read in detail and the selection process is very competitive.


Connor's and Ray's Point Shop! Here with all of the points you earn by posting, you can simply trade them in for a prize or item of your choice! Upon selecting your item of choice, it will notify the administration and the points will be deducted from your user and your item will be given! Happy Shopping!

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