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Update 2.0.1: Bravo, New Years Update

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Update 2.0.1: Bravo, New Years Update

Post by OnyxTech on Sat Dec 28, 2013 4:20 pm

New Years Updates 2014!
New updates have been made for the new year!  Supernova 2.0.0's official release will commence on January 1, 2013 at 12:00 AM Midnight.

1. New Supernova+ Users

This new user rank is given to the most loyal of the community. Posting much, responding with legitimate research, and giving positive feedback to all. With great pride, we announce to you the new Supernova+ User Rank.

2. New Signature Feature

The new signature feature allows your to add a little signature at the bottom of your posts. Whether its from just from making a little signature of your name, to a paragraph dedicated with your accomplishments, we now announce the new Signature Feature.

3.New Topic Creator

The new Topic Creator Layout has been released! You can now had unlimited choices of color when typing, and you can implement many new codes on to your post with the new layout. Announced!

4. New Supernova Honors Users

Even though the Supernova+ Rank sounds like an apogee already, the new rank of Supernova Honors, is given to the most outstanding performing users on Supernova overall. With all your hard work and dedication, the rank is just a sneak peak of the perks of being a Supernova Honor User. With even more great pride, we announce to you the new Supernova Honors User Rank.

2014 Upcoming Events!

1.Star Rank Unlocks!

The Supernova Staff has made now to where as your progress through stars you earn certain perks for your account!. Check it Out!

2 Star Achievements:
-25,000 Point Bonus
-Supernova Name Picture
-2  Star Award Unlock

3 Star Achievements:
-40,000 Point Bonus
-New Smiley Unlocks
- 3 Star Award Unlock

4 Star Achievements:
-65,000 Point Bonus
-Classified Forum Unlock
-4 Star Award Unlocked

5 Star Achievements:
-95,000 Point Bonus
-5 Star Award Unlocked
-5,000 Point Bonus Star Completion

So this year, be posting really hard as you might find yourself reaching these awesome achievements.


2.Prestige Unlocks!

The Supernova Staff has made now to where as your progress through prestiges you earn certain perks for your account!. Check it Out!

Prestige I Achievements:
-NameGlow: Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Grey, Titanium
-25,000 Point Bonus
-Name Pictures(5 Unlocks)
-Peacock Award Unlock
-Parrot Award Unlock
-Prestige I Medal

Prestige II Achievements:
-NameTag: Ex [Boss]OnyxTech, [BoS]OnyxTech
-NameGlow: Maroon, Teal, Magenta, Olive, Ocean, Royal
-Reporter Award Unlocked
-Ace Award Unlocked
-Gamer Award Unlocked
-New Smiley Unlocks
-55,000 Point Bonus
-Name Pictures(5) Unlocks
-Prestige II Medal

Prestige III Achievements:
-NameGlow: Unlimited Colors
-Name Effects: Red Fire, Blue Fire
-75,000 Point Bonus
-Name Title
-Popular Award Unlock
-Friendly Flower Award Unlock
-Scripter Award Unlock
-Bugger Award Unlock
-Supernova+ User Unlock! + Perks
-Prestige III Medal

Prestige IV Achievements:
-Name Effects: Green Fire, Purple Fire, Peach Fire
-95,000 Point Bonus
-Knowledge Award Unlocked
-Lovable Award Unlocked
-Sporty Award Unlocked
-Artful Award Unlocked
-Name Pictures(15)
-"The Amazing List" Nominee(Extra Page)
-More New Smileys(12)
-Prestige IV Medal

Prestige V Achievements:
-Name Effects: Rust, Pink Fire, Chrome Fire, Mint Fire, Lime Fire
-105,000 Point Bonus
-1st Place Award Unlocked
-+10 Award Unlocked
-+25 Award Unlocked
-+50 Award Unlocked
-Flamingo Award Unlocked
-Nova Name Symbols(100+)
-Supernova Signature
-Three Way Award Unlocked
-Prestige V Medal

Prestige VI Achievements:
-Name Effects: Navy Fire, Black Fire, White Fire
-Supernova Honors User Unlock! + Perks
-110,000 Point Bonus
-Name Effects 2:
Red Sparkles,
Orange Sparkles,
Green Sparkles,
Teal Sparkles,
Lavender Sparkles,
Pink Sparkles,
Yellow Sparkles
-+200 Award Unlocked
-+500 Award Unlocked
-NovaFest 2014(July 2014) Nominee!
-Prestige VI Medal

Prestige Master Achievements:
-All Awards Unlocked Automatically!
-Perfectionist Award Unlocked!
-Diamond Name Picture!(Imperial)
-200,000 Point Bonus
-Name Effects 2:
Grey Sparkles,
Blue Sparkles,
Brown Sparkles,
Lime Sparkles,
-Master Smileys Unlocked!
-Text Color for forums are now usable at this rank!
-"The Amazing List" Automatic Winner!
-Secret Legend Award Unlock!
-Prestige Master Medal

So this year, be posting really hard as you might find yourself reaching these awesome achievements.


3.Extras Page!

Now, I know we've said we would have it done in 2013, but our down time has made it extremely difficult to do so. But in 2014, The Extras page will be completed, and will be better than ever, Some of the pages have already been announced, and will be announced at this years first annual, NovaFest 2014, and OpenSource's 3rd Annual, OpenFest 2014.
-"The Amazing List"
-Tips & Tricks
-NovaFest Info
-Upcoming Events!
and that"s just the beginning of whats to come from the Extras Page!

4.NovaFest 2014!
Supernova is having its very first, festival! Come support us in July as Supernova hosts the Nova Fest for 2014! We will be discussing upcoming events as far as Supernova, OpenSource v3, and many more networks! Also be on the lookout for an announcement of a new Unity!


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