Update #1.1 - Update Alpha

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Update #1.1 - Update Alpha

Post by OnyxTech on Sun Feb 10, 2013 8:34 pm

-Guide has been replaced with, Hall of Fame.
*The reason for this is because the Support page is already full of information, and because more than half of the forum's population is already aware of the functions.
-Skyline Info bar has been completed.
--Support Page changed to the support forums.
--FAQ becomes the forum's FAQ.
--Updates redirects to the Updates category.
--Rules page created.
--Extras TBD sometime Spring 2013.
-More name glow colors have been added.
--Du-Color, two colors can be in the nameglow. Tested with Ravine.
--Tri-Color, three colors can be in the nameglow. Tested with Ravine.
-Achievement page finally set.
--Images on the outside of the table
---Unlocked amount placed.

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