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Supernova 5.0.0 Update - "Eternity"

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Supernova 5.0.0 Update - "Eternity"

Post by OnyxTech on Mon Dec 25, 2017 8:58 pm

Supernova 5.0.0

After much though, the faculty and staff at Supernova has decided that this update will conclude the major modifications to the network. Hence the name eternity, this update will include minor modifications within the network for the many days to come. After a long wait, we bring you the final update to Supernova, the Eternity.

At it's finest.

For users, you can now customize your tags. With up to three letters, you can now change the glow, add an effect, or simply change the text color of the tag.
The new name effects include:

  • Quick
  • Slow
  • Moderate

(These indicate the speed at which the colors display i.e. the rate of frequency for the rainbow effect.)

The rearrangement of your profile.

The posting profiles for all all users have been changed.

  • The user quotes have been moved to the top of the profile.
  • If said users has a specialized rank, their rank progression is now not hidden, but placed at the bottom of the posting profile via the Award Bar.
  • If said user is predigested, the user's medal count will be displayed at the bottom at the posting profile via the Award Bar.

Your favorite forums,
All under one tab.

In addition to the tabs, users now have an option to star their favorite forums and have them placed under the favorites tab. Users can place an unlimited amount of forums under the tab, and the tab will be visible on the user's homepage.

The alternative,
The Luck Quotient Test.

The LQ Test is defined as the Luck Quotient Test. A parody of the IQ Test, we've decided that this would be the best alternative for the NovaQuiz. If the community wants an *easier* test, we will test them on their luck instead of intellect and prior knowledge.
The test consists of 42 multiple choice questions, and the questions are very nebulous and redundant. The key to the test is guessing. There are only two types of questions, guessing a number and guessing a letter.
As for acceptance into the Honors and Ivy Groups, the procedures for the test remain consistent with the NovaQuiz.
The 90th percentile for the LQ Test will be a number of 38 out of 42 correct answers, resulting in the score of 38 or higher.
The 95th percentile for the LQ Test will be a number of 40 our of 42 correct answers,
resulting in the score of 40 or higher
This may seem extremely difficult, and that is the point. If we create a test with no requirement of network knowledge, to receive the same accolades, we have to create a hard, easy test.
All awards and unlocks will be the same upon admission into either the Honors or Ivy Groups.
Read more about it here:

Be notified,
via Private Message.

Users may now be notified regarding their NovaScore or LQ score through the private messaging system.

  • Simply PM OnyxTech or other administrators with the phrase "@notified" to receive notifications of all scores of all examinations you have taken.

"@" Users,
Let them stand out.

Users now can "@" other users by simply typing the @ symbol before their username, and it automatically creates a link to their profile upon doing so. This creates a easier navigation method for users to link with other users, create new friends, and of course, make this network as similar to twitter as possible.

Ivy and Honors.
Two New Groups.

-The Honors Group
The Honors Group is a selected group of members that have received a NovaScore in the 90th percentile (1370) and also have accumulated five Supernova awards in their span of being a registered user. The rewards are as follows:
1. Honor Group rank w/ nameglow
2. Entrance into the Supernova Honors Forum
3. Points earned from messages will increase from 620 to 650
4. NameGlow Unlocks: Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Pink
5. Name Effect Unlocks: Blue Fire, Red Sparkls, White Ivy
6. Honors Group Name Picture

-The Ivy Group
The Ivy Group is a very selected group of members that have received a NovaScore in the 95th percentile (1445), accumulated ten Supernova awards, and also has one Member of the Month one time in their span of being a registered user.
The rewards are as follows:
1. Ivy Group rank w/ nameglow
2. Ivy Group Name Picture
3. Entrance into the Ivy Group Forums
4. NameGlow Unlocks (All)
5. Name Effects Unlocks
Red Sparkles,
Orange Sparkles,
Green Sparkles,
Teal Sparkles,
6. Points earned from messages will increase from 620 to 700
7. Mini-Moderator Permissions will be granted
8. Access to the special rank-up forum
9. Access to Beta Testing for future Supernova updates
Read more about the two groups here:

Miniature Forum.
For You.

The final implementation for Supernova is presented here. Introducing the NovaForum. This forum is essentially a mini-forum fit for the user logged in.
It has all of your preferences stored, and at your disposal from any given page on the forum. You can post anywhere in a matter of seconds, thanks to the new NovaForum.


Now, this is the end of the update. However, all new updates will be displayed in the final Update thread, The Supernova Changelog. All updates posted in the thread will be dated, not named, and will have a description of the change made. I hope you all have enjoyed the journey of building up this dynasty of a forum. The faculty and staff thanks you all for the suggestions, requests, and praises. We will continue to make the Supernova the best it possibly can be, and we hope that you all continue to stay with us through the adventure.
Thanks all,

NOTE: All Member of the Month posts will be deleted because of the inconsistency and recreated in another forum. Only the actual Updates will be placed in the Update forum, and all threads in the forum will be locked.

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